Call for Paper

According to the framework presented above, the Second International Conference on Transnational Scientific Mobility will focus on “Geostrategic perspectives on international collaboration and scientific mobility.”

Those who are interested on presenting papers on such topic, are invited to focus their analysis on the following questions:

  • How do political decisions made by economic blocks, countries and higher education and scientific institutions promote or interfere in the international cooperation or scientific mobility schemes?
  • What are the effects of international development biases on scientific and higher education public and institutional polices?
  • How does globalization, neoliberalism, science and higher education internationalization interact to promote new higher education and science regularization schemes?
  • How do networks, international scientific association and quality certification bodies contribute to knowledge circulation and to the governability of science and higher education model?
  • How do individual differences resulting from social-cultural markers (race, gender, social class, age) shape subject’s internationalization and mobility experiences?

According to this reflection agenda, the discussion axis will concern mainly:

  • Globalization, neoliberalism and geostrategic of internationalization
  • Hierarchies, political asymmetries and conventional and emergent practices of international scientific cooperation.
  • Internationalization and higher education governability
  • The role of diaspora, networks, agencies and global scientific associations in the dynamics of international circulation of ideas, and higher education and science management.
  • Intersecctionality and academic & students’ mobility in higher education.

Selected abstracts and PPT will be available in the event’s webpage and RIMAC’s. After the event, the euro-Latin-American technical-scientific committee will send authors the evaluations resulting from the peer-review process to present a final version for publication. Only papers that were presented and discussed during the event and were evaluated positively will be published.

Participation conditions

No registration fee will be charged. No financial support for transportation or lodging will be offered. Expenses are participant’s own responsibility.

The working language during the conference will be English, Spanish and Portuguese. The language for publication will be defined later on.